Friday, 21 October 2016

Things to Consider for Confusion Free Shipping

Transportation of any shipment needs to be dealt with proper attention, both by the sender and by the carrier. If you are a sender, you can’t do anything for what will happen to the package while being transported but there are things that you need to ensure at your end. To help you with that, below mentioned are some tips and tricks that you can follow to ensure that your package is safe and is in the right direction for being delivered.

Some general tips for shipping

  • The safety of shipment depends upon how friendly the environment is. You certainly can’t send a shipping box full of chocolates to a destination where you know it would be a blasting summer.
  • Address of destination should be very clear. The mistake of even a little character while writing the address can lead the package to reach at wrong place. For example, writing ‘S’ in a way that could cause confusion whether it is ‘S’ or ‘5’ might result in the package being delivered to a completely different or, in the best case scenario, no place.
  • When you handover the package to carrier after ensuring that everything is right at your end, it is now the responsibility of carrier to take care of the package and deliver it to the right recipient. However, bad things do happen and you need to have a proof that you didn’t do anything wrong while handing over the package to carrier. For that purpose, always demand for a formal receipt right after handing the package over to the carrier.
  • Beware of shipping alcoholic beverages to anywhere. Most of the places in the world have strict rules that do not allow these drinks and beverages to be unloaded and unpacked.
  • It’s okay if you don’t want to tell your name to the recipient but always attach a return label with the package you are sending. That label will come at use when, for any reason, the recipient doesn’t want to own the package. In that case, the return label would help in reverse shipping process.
  • There are some days in the year when shipping companies offer discount. Make use of those offers. Those days are usually the ones in which shipping businesses aren’t doing much of the work. They then offer discounts to keep the business machinery running.
  • The shipping status of a package doesn’t conclude until the package is delivered and signed by recipient. Sometimes, the delivery service, by any reason, isn’t able to get the recipient signature. In that case, you might not be able to see the status ‘delivered’ if you are using tracking service. The best solution in this regard is to contact the recipient and confirm about the package.

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